Premier Class Consulting (PCC) divides its efforts into three main areas: merchandise, events, and content. Our Consulting Team is designed to advise organizations on all matters related to improving their success both on and off the field. Many of our clients elect to utilize all three programs, however we recommend that you select which program(s) are most relevant to you.


PCC supplies teams and retailers with American football equipment and apparel to meet their needs. We supply 30 different brands including Battle Sports, Riddell, Douglas, Wilson, Ceres Sports, Cramer Sports Medicine, Champro, BSN Sports, and more. We consolidate equipment orders and ship them direct to our clients to save them money on long-distance shipping. PCC's largest brand, The Growth of a Game, also produces casual sportswear apparel.


PCC organizes events in over 15 different countries, including American football development camps, games, and an annual Super Bowl party. With the support of over 100 partners, we hold top-tier events on an annual basis.


PCC's most recognizable brand - The Growth of a Game - publishes content on the international growth of American football. Contributors write articles that provide advice and resources to teams, players, and coaches while also highlighting the great work that American football advocates are doing to help develop the sport.

We strictly manage our clients' expectations. In every case, we seek to under-promise and over-deliver on our results. Our pricing criteria are minimum guarantees for each level, however it is our ongoing objective to exceed any established expectations and to consistently outperform our competition. Please e-mail us at with any questions.